Friday, November 14, 2008

ATHEISTS - Ask Them This...


Some atheists believe that life is a power and energy of their own will and mind. (Ps.14:1)
They credit a magnetic field of the universe or a force that is not easily defined.

They completely discredit the history of the Bible and mock those who believe.
They give credence to medians and psychics, or karma, for what they will achieve. (Lev.20:27)

They believe you live and die, and that is all there is, and claim to be satisfied. (Ecc.3:11)
Some atheists are evil and their horrific crimes tells us they are very unsatisfied.

They do not believe in good or evil, heaven and hell, or consequences for their action. (Ge.1:1), (Ge.2:4), (Ps. 50-6), (Isa. 51:6)
Some atheists believe the spirit of life lies within themselves and the law of attraction. (Ge.2:27), (1 Co.3:16)

They discredit intelligent design and the balance of nature with continued resistance.
They will believe in anything except the possibility of God’s omnipotent existence. (Isa. 44:17-18)

They ignore the natural order of the universe and the magnificent detail of creation. (Ge.chp.1), (Heb.1:10)
They refuse to admit that mathematics and science can’t explain the atoms formation.

They don’t consider interstellar space, the vast universe, or the miracle of a baby’s birth. (Job chap.38)
They don’t acknowledge the intricacy for the detail of all the creatures upon the earth. (Job chap.39)

They can’t explain why human’s beings who are highest on the food chain ended evolution. (Ge.1:26-30)
Man is the only form of life that can think and reason, but no one can give a sound resolution. (Ge.2:9,16,17)

If atheists can believe in energy, power and force, then why not intelligent design? (Col.3:2)
If they would open their minds and hearts they would see that there is a God who's Divine. (Mt.7:7), Mt.22:37)

By Estelle P. Shrum

If you put pieces of a camera in a box and shook it for a million years, or infinity, do you think when you opened the box the camera would put it self together just by chance? Well, that is what the big bang theory teaches.

If you consider the human body down to the smallest particle known to man you will see that everything has a purpose and master plan from an intelligent designer. That designer left us with his name, address, and phone number. If you don’t know him you are missing out on an incredible journey of love like you have never known.

His name is – God, in Hebrew it is Yahweh.
His address is – Heaven, all you have to do is look at the beauty around you.
His phone number is – The Bible, it’s a wireless call.
Be blessed. Estelle.

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