Sunday, January 30, 2011


My book, "He Is The Word", was published in 2006, by Publish America. My book was published within six months of my writing it. It is almost impossible today to get your book published without self publishing. God wanted my book published for His divine purpose. Read my compelling and personal testimony and you will see why

My ministry is to promote God's Word, the Holy Bible. It is to teach Scripture by simplistic poetry. I give testimony to women's groups, and church groups on how God spoke to me and changed my life.

Every poem is inspired by God through His Holy Word that answers Biblical questions by giving wisdom and inspiration through Scripture.

You can google my book by using my name, Estelle P. Shrum. You can find it on Chapters, Borders, B & N and throughout Europe. It can also be ordered by any B&N, or purchased at B&N at St. Johns Town Center in Jacksonville, Florida. It is also being offered by company's like Amazon under "used" books.

You can find more of my publications on my home page web site. ( You will also find my blog and facebook at the bottom of the page.

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