Friday, July 10, 2009

Thirteen Tips to Better sleep

1. Get up and go to bed at the same time each day, even on weekends. A regular sleep schedule helps you get better sleep and can even improve your mood.
2. Tidy up. Coming back to an unmade bed and messy room at night can be stressful. Which is the last thing you want when you're trying to wind down.

3. Create a sleep oasis. Is your bedroom calm and comfortable? Everything from the paint color on your walls to the quality of your pillow can affect your sleep.

4. Switch to decaf in the afternoon. It takes hours for the effects of caffeine to wear off, so try to have your last cup 6-8 hours before bedtime. Try peppermint or lemon tea for a pick-me-up that won't keep you up later.

5. Get some exercise. Working out regularly has been shown to help you sleep better and longer. Late afternoon is an ideal time. Before beginning or modifying an exercise program, consult with your doctor.

6. Stock up on bedtime snacks. Small portions of high-carb foods like bread or cereal, or foods that contain typtophan, like bananas, milk or peanuts can help induce sleep.

7. Leave work at work. Before you leave work, make a to-do list for tomorrow. It will help keep your mind clear when you're trying to sleep.
8. Take a warm bath. A bath can be a relaxing nighttime ritual. Just be sure to cool off before you get into bed. Cool temperature's are better to sleep.

9. Skip the nightcap. Alcoholic beverages may help you fall asleep: they also make it harder to stay asleep. Wind down with some herbal tea instead.

10. Don't work in bed. Or watch TV or eat or sort through your mail. Your bed should be associated only with sleep and relaxation.

11. Use the 30 minute rule. If you can't fall asleep within a half hour, get up. Go to another room and relax by reading or listening to music until you get sleepy.

12. Breath deep. If you can't sleep, try some deep breathing. Feel your stomach rise and fall. Count as you inhale . This helps you relax by placing your attention on your breath.

13. Say your prayers. It is a wonderful quite time to take advantage of communicating with the Lord God.

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