Sunday, May 17, 2009


Endurance is going through trials even when you want to run. (1)
It is conquering pain and suffering until the task at hand is done.
Endurance is forging ahead when you know there is no relief.
It is showing courage and trusting a higher power in your grief. (2)
Endurance is getting up every time you are knocked down.
It is standing firm with your feet planted on solid ground. (3)
Endurance is facing whatever you are called to do.
Even if you are frightened you will see it through.
Endurance is Job’s strength although all was lost. (4)
He stayed true and faithful no matter what the cost. (5)
Endurance is Moses who was left in the desert for forty years. (6)
He maintained integrity even through the Jews anger and tears.
Endurance is David when he slew Goliath with tenacity. (7)
He succeeded the impossible through Godly capacity.
Endurance is Esther when she went before the King unannounced. (8)
She disregarded her fright knowing her death might be pronounced.
Endurance is Jesus and the great sacrifice he did for you.
He laid down His life and will make all things new. (9)

By Estelle P. Shrum,

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