Friday, January 9, 2009


Please go to this webstie and stop the financial support of killing 2 million innocent children at its facilities. Forward this to your friends. Blessings. Stelle. underwrite
Should YOU be forced? Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion chain in America and has killed more than 3 million innocent children at its facilities
Planned Parenthood's top goal for the next 25 years is to push its agenda of promiscuous sex everywhere in our society.
Planned Parenthood puts minors on birth control without parents' knowledge or involvement.
Planned Parenthood has demonstrated a willingness to cover up for rapists and child predators.
Planned Parenthood pushes pornography onto children with shocking and offensive websites, books, and literature.
Planned Parenthood is openly hostile to Christianity, and regularly mocks people of faith.
Planned Parenthood hurts women with misleading and dishonest medical information.
And Planned Parenthood does all of this with over $336.7 million dollars a year of your tax money Millions of Americans are fed up with this insanity! Take a stand and tell your elected officials that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We, the undersigned, ask all elected officials to ensure that Planned Parenthood receives absolutely no taxpayer dollars

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