Tuesday, January 24, 2012

An Independent Wants To Know

I wrote this when Obama was running for President - nothing has changed...

Democrats and Republicans have always stood on the opposite side of the fence, however:

1.  Why would I support amnesty for illegal immigrants?  Is it fair to the people who have waited for years and paid thousands of dollars to enter our country legally?

2. Why would I want my tax dollars to pay for abortions?  If it is a personal choice, shouldn’t they pay for it?

3.  Why would I be against English as being the official language in the United States?  This is America!

4.  Why would I want retroactive Social Security to illegal immigrants who gain U.S. citizenship through amnesty?

5.  Why would I want expanded welfare benefits and unlimited eligibility?

6.  Why would I want a national health care insurance plan that would be orchestrated by Washington, D.C.?  Who would they answer to?

7.  Why would I expect bureaucrats to be able to monitor health care when Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are broke?

8.  Why doesn't everyone object to our government voting on their own personal agendas, i.e., raises, health care plan, or vacations? 

9.  Why am I sensitive to the fact that President Obama scraped the Missile Defense Shield that would protect Poland on the anniversary of the Soviet Union invasion of Poland in 1939? A bit insensitive, isn’t it?

10. Why I am upset that there are people in this country who want to turn over information that would put our soldiers in harms way?

11. Why isn’t everyone in Congress upset over the Acorn deceit and misappropriation of tax dollars? Child Prostitute! Can it get any worse? 

12. Why can’t we have a bi-partisan health care plan?

13. Why does our nation hate entrepreneurs, big business, and rich people? They sure like their cell phones, Iphones, Ipads?  Who do they think made them...not rich people, but they became rich.

14. Why is our country so divided, so selfish, so against God? And why did this happen?

--Estelle P. Shrum

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