Friday, July 8, 2011


As so many of you, my heart breaks for the lack of justice for little Caylee. I watched every moment possible of the trial so I could come to an unbiased opinion. I don’t take the news media as gospel… So here is what I took away from it.

The Prosecution did a good job on presenting the circumstantial evidence.

The Defense did a good job on rebutting the circumstantial evidence.

The family did a good job on confusing all the evidence presented.

The witnesses did a good job on lying, deceiving, exaggerating, embellishing, and distorting the evidence.

The Judge did a good job on slowing the entire process down. If he talked any slower everyone would have fallen asleep.

The jury did a good job on coping out with a fair verdict because the Jury did not understand what circumstantial evidence meant.


The simple truth is that no one will ever know the truth because the lies were overwhelming. We will never get the truth from Casey, because she is incapable of it. So I must conclude that the Defense team, the joyful way they acted, must really believe that Casey did not kill her daughter, or they are the most deceitful defense team ever.

I must also believe the Prosecution was convinced of Casey’s guilt, or they would never have brought her to trial for murder. I agree with most everyone that they over-reached by asking for the death penalty.

I also believe, if Casey was a minority the death penalty would never have been put on the table. Having said that, I hate when people play the race card, but truth is truth. Sad, but prejudice remains alive and active in America. As a Christian, I do not believe in the death penalty, however, the jury could easily have found Casey guilty of murder by neglect, or even manslaughter. Instead, they chose to believe since there was no DNA or a direct connection to Casey killing Caylee they had to give her a free ticket to pass go. This was a sad day for American justice.

So what now folks...well, there is no longer justice in our new America. The people voted for change, and this is the change we are seeing. We live in a world where people make excuses for every action taken. We live in a world where everyone is afraid to speak the truth. Everyone wants to “live and let live.” There is no right or wrong, good or evil, nothing is black or white.

My heart hurts for our Country and the world over. When people can’t stand up and say this is wrong without being called a racist, or being prejudice, or a crazy conservative, or a far left loon, then we are a lost people.

Casey is already planning on writing a book…please don’t buy it. We all know the truth, just like we did in the OJ trial!

By Estelle P. Shrum

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