Monday, December 8, 2008

Newsweek has distorted Biblical teaching!

Newsweek magazine has published a lengthy article stating that the Bible supports homosexual marriage. The article was written Lisa Miller, Newsweek religion editor. Miller's article is one of the most biased and distorted pieces concerning homosexual marriage ever published by any major news organization. The article is much too long for this e-mail. Here is the website if care to read it.

Dr. Albert Mohler has offered a response to the Newsweek article. I suggest you read Mohler’s article and then read Miller's Newsweek article.

Send an e-mail to Newsweek telling Newsweek you are disappointed with its distorted interpretation of Scripture. Forward this e-mail to your friends and family. They need to see how the media distorts Scripture to support same-sex marriage. Ask them to send the e-mail to Newsweek. Call CEO Thomas E. Ascheim at 212-445-5245. Please be polite.
If you subscribe to Newsweek, cancel your subscription and tell them why.

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